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Understanding Group Bullying (part one)

Why do Bullies Gang Up on Targets? Besides it being “safer” for several reasons we’ll explore in this post and the next one, when we want to understand behaviors, we pay attention to what they achieve. That’s why we define … Continue reading

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Understand Bullying: the Fear Factor

Most of what I find written about bullying falls into four categories: Statistical reports Labels and value judgments Posters and Platitudes Punitive actions Statistical reports help us notice that bullying is universal across time and human culture, but provide no … Continue reading

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Realistically Happy New Year 2014

There are no “negative people”, just “negative thoughts”. My second “Happy New Year” post for 2014 is just that – a short set of remarks about how it is actually a HAPPY NEW YEAR. So, I want to start the … Continue reading

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