12 Week Fast Mastery

A while back, a friend and colleague asked me to create a 12-week intensive training in the basics of Motivational Literacy® for a group of high-end professionals – and to design the program to supercharge their progress in mastering a second high-stakes skill set at the same time.

The successful outcome of that challenge is this program: “12 Weeks to Fast Mastery”

Here are a couple of moments from the program

Research shows that new habits become strongest and most resilient when built and reinforced over at least twelve weeks – and that learning related skills accelerates learning, competence – and confidence.

Because Motivational Literacy® skills relate to and enhance every other kind of skill-building, it doesn’t matter what new skill you want to master. The 12-weeks program will supercharge your progress, let you jump past frustrations, and escape overwhelm or monotony, as well as changing limiting beliefs that may hold you back.

This science-based and field-proven training program keeps things fresh and alive by tying Motivational Literacy into your progress. You choose the new skill or area of life that you want to supercharge, and the 12-weeks program will provide the blueprint for your rapid success while the two sets of learning interact to make them both go faster.

That may sound like a tall order, but check out what the members of the original 12 weeks had to say over the course of the program:

I truly enjoyed your first video … You must have sent a telepathic message!

I’m psyched for the next installment.

This is some of the most focused and useful advice I’ve ever received.

Each week I get at least one actionable idea from both the call and the video. That is miraculous compared with most training programs or meetings I’ve experienced!

– Ian

I would like to thank you for the journey you took our group on through the beliefs that can empower or enslave us, dependent upon our choices.

I particularly like your references to fellowship, and looking back I see that is what I am constantly trying to build – fellowships for mutual acceleration of learning. There are times I yearn to be the student at the back of the class, and have enjoyed that with your program.

Thanks again John – I’m truly grateful to have participated in your program!

– Paul

First day of the weak and I am very focused! I see how I get things done more effective and efficient.

I already feel the power of your program and the tools. Great stuff!!!

I am learning so much and it has already changed so much, I am very happy.

My life changed extremely within the last 6 weeks; it is much more dynamic and much more fun: A great impact has my new way of writing and talking to people and especially to myself. I am much more active and even my sleeping and my dreams are getting nicer! This is so easy to follow and has so much effect!

I am so happy that I met you and your program is the best that I ever joined and I have been to many, many, seminars before. Hope to see again personally.

– Joachim

You have your stuff together…and it’s special.

– Michael

I find it exciting and feel that I am in the right place to explore this. I am no longer prepared to play it safe and have mediocre … These fears have answers and are where my growth is kept.

Just wanted to let you know that you are rocking my world.

You should feel the fire in my belly right now. Woooooo hoooooo!.

Thank you so much for everything John. It has been truly life changing!

– Brad

I’m very much enjoying your course and am seeing great benefit.

And thanks again for everything. I’ve really enjoyed and benefitted from the lessons and your caring.

The lessons learned are truly life changing and have lifetime implications way beyond trading. I learned so much.

And I think I’ve told you this before, but the part that makes it special is that you and Chris really care.

– Steve

This whole process has been an incredible step for me, but so rewarding & life changing.

Linking our 12 week program to an adventure has removed any possibility of this being a clinical process, it lives and breathes boundless opportunities.

My golf handicap has reduced 4 shots in 6 weeks … Any negative thoughts about myself or my play compared to playing partners, game frustrations, self loathing thoughts etc, etc during the actual round have been replaced with a powerful focus on each impending shot. Even after having a game where my scoring was less (or much less) than what my par should be I still have this sense of a powerful attitude.

It was sometime around week 4 (Frustration: Crossroads of success) that I began to observe a SIGNIFICANT attitude change both to myself & my circumstances. I am confident I will carry this new found attitude into my trading career…

Thank you for the professional but conversational journey into my new adventure, for producing an atmosphere where fellowship with the other journeymen has been a natural progression. This in itself is an enriching experience.

– Bruce

I have recommended you to [a friend] based on the changes you’ve made in my life.

– Liz

The program has a beginning and an ending like any college course you would sign up for. It’s  scheduled to maximize your efficiency of learning and to insure your actually putting the lessons to use in your life in real time. It is a 12-week track for Fast Mastery!

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is NOT for people who aren’t serious about investing in themselves.

This course is NOT for people looking for another academic study ABOUT skills or success.

This course is NOT for people who want to sit on the couch and claim to know how to achieve high performance – without ever actually doing it.

This course is not for people who want to learn to talk pop psychology.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who want a high-speed framework and personal guide for DOING THE PROCESS of achieving massive skills in short time.

This course is for people who can remember that every success you have ever had grew from the motivations behind your choices to start, to stick to it, and to succeed.

This course is for people smart enough to realize that will be true of every success you ever will ever have – and who want to become masters of Motivational Literacy so they can design lives of achievement.

This course is for people who recognize that you and your performance skills are the best investment you can make.

This course is for people who realize if you want to achieve a high-level skill in a short time, mastering your motivations – and the process of skill mastery itself – will be key to doing that.

This course is for people who understand that knowing how to conquer the inevitable frustration – and how to plug into the power of FLOW – are going to be key to their fulfillment.

If these things describe you, then this program is for you.

When we first offered this program, the tuition was $1,200. And, you can read the comments above from people who participated at that rate.

The original participants paid over $1,000.00 each. But, you can now have access to this powerful program for only about $39.99 per week (just $479).

When you enroll in this unique program, you will also receive our “Guilt Release 101” program – for releasing persistent feelings of remorse and unworthiness that often hold people back from allowing themselves to succeed. The “Guilt Release 101” program usually costs $99.00, but is included FREE with the 12-week Fast Mastery program.

Finally, you will receive TWELVE personal follow-ups by e-mail to maximize your benefits. That’s right. You’ll get one follow-up e-mail every week to help with your progress – and provide personalized tips to rev up your success. This personal coaching is worth at least $1400.00 all by itself.

No-Risk Guarantee:

Enroll in the 12-week Fast Mastery program today, and all I ask is that you complete the first three weeks, investing fully in the experiments and activities. That’s one-fourth of the program. If you fully invest yourself in the program for three weeks and think you haven’t already received the value of the course, then we’ll refund your money (minus paypal processing fees), no questions asked.

Get the edge in the job or business arena:

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to have the skills of Motivational Literacy®. Employers expect staffers to show up with their “game on”. Employees who don’t are readily replaced by hungrier applicants. And, people who want to succeed in business absolutely must have a full set of motivational skills to compliment their technical expertise.

The material in this program is not available elsewhere. It was created through deliberate research and has been field-tested for reliable results over a ten year period with private clients who pay hundreds of dollars per hour.

This material is usually offered ONLY in high-price seminars and expensive personal coaching sessions. It will NEVER be more accessible or affordable than this.

Get the motivational edge – whether that’s someone vying for your job or over the former you as you invent your new self – you can “stack” the fast mastery of a new skill set while also building within yourself the powerful tools of Motivational Literacy.

I’ll see you inside the course!