The Life I Want

“It is not the strongest of the species, or the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

This site introduces Motivational Literacy® – what it is, where it came from, and “How can I get the life I want” – by having more. A pattern of results are the results of a pattern: What are the hidden patterns that keep creating your results? And, wouldn’t you like to be in charge of them?

Motivational Literacy® FAQ:

What is Motivational Literacy®?

It’s a left-brained guide to the right mind – a new collection of tools, techniques, and measures for discovering, understanding, and owning the patterns of effectiveness, success, and fulfillment. This isn’t just studying the successes of others – It includes unlocking the secret patterns of your own past results – because the secret patterns of success and fulfillment are already within you (if you know where and how to look). The result of ten years of research and proven clinical application, Motivational Literacy® makes the science of high-performance, character-development, and happiness easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to apply. There’s an article on the creation of Motivational Literacy on the blog, here.

The 12 Maxims of Motivational Literacy:

  1. The patterns of success and fulfillment are already within you.
  2. Strategies of success are similar, but courses of calamity are creative.
  3. We all have the same biology-based emotional needs, and all our actions are trying to meet these needs.
  4. Defense & Denial disclose Dependence.
  5. Always confess success, especially when it wasn’t by conscious design.
  6. Psychology is biology, and biology works in patterns and cycles. So, our patterns determine our emotional states.
  7. Criteria create conduct, and conduct confesses criteria. (You are what you notice.)
  8. Behavior does not define identity, and environment does not define limits.
  9. Security, acceptance, and importance are not things. They are by-products of a process.
  10. Success follows verbs following visions.
  11. Our lives are defined by the development of our character. Adventure is the vehicle of that process.
  12. They key to happiness is not knowing where to find joy in the world, but knowing how to find joy within ourselves.

What are “High Performance States”?

We call emotions “performance states”. People build performance states in a two step process:

  1. Information selection
  2. Interpretation of the selected information

When we interpret, or give meaning to something, that meaning is really a PREDICTION, so the body can prepare – for sleeping, or weeping, or fleeing – or eating a tasty meal.

How is Motivational Literacy Unique?

  1. We use our exclusive map of the human emotional landscape to create self-sustaining patterns of effectiveness, success, and fulfillment.
  1. Many systems of high performance focus on changing the meaning assigned to what we notice. While Motivational Literacy also uses such methods, we focus primarily on selecting the most useful information in the first place.
  1. Information selection is easy to do for yourself, with minimal effort invested toward building self-awareness. Simple daily practices allow consistent, measurable progress.

Who are our clients?

Motivational Literacy clients include individuals, teams, groups, and companies with one two things in common:

They are “transitionals”. Anyone who is engaged in or preparing for a change of residence, employment, or relationship is an individual transitional. Any team, group or company that is up-sizing, down-sizing, off-shoring, merging, acquiring, or being acquired is a group transitional.

Whether moving in, on, up, or down – whether change is planned or unexpected – all transitionals experience major shifts of performance patterns that can be “growth spurts” if they’re navigated skillfully. We provide the tools and training for that skillful navigation.

What part of your life is changing – or about to? Will it be an exciting and transforming adventure? If the answer isn’t a confident “yes”, then you may want to contact us.

Who am I?

I’m John Bailey, consulting hypnotist, performance coach, chief researcher, speaker, and author. My most recent title is: “Follow the Hero Within: the Left-brained Guide to the Right Mind”. It is the manual of Motivational Literacy®.

I have a varied background, with career-level work in security, private investigation, martial arts, hypnosis and precious gemstones. I often say that in my first career I was about being a professional pessimist and now I’m a professional optimist. The truth of that statement is part of my story – and can be found in the core of Motivational Literacy…

How Can I Learn Motivational Literacy®?

First, sign up for our introductory videos and experiment with your own success by answering the challenges there to increase your personal effectiveness for free.

Next, check out the blog, and join the community by making comments and asking questions – either right on the blog or privately. Keep participating – and share the value with your friends when you use the convenient Social Sharing buttons.

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Got another question?

Just ask. If there’s a question that isn’t answered above, and it gets asked frequently enough, it’ll qualify for the FAQ, and I’ll add it to this page. What else would you like to know about Motivational Literac®y or “the life I want”?   JUST ASK